Two years ago, wearing an embedded IPOD player walkers Nike running shoes, the United States love sports and good love fashion heart of the young generation. This cooperation is in the field of consumer goods has been dubbed the "cross-marketing" of innovations. And more initiative, but in the back. When this product is derived around the huge social networking site when more people began to enter the line of sight, people finally realized that Nike's ambitions and not just in a small shoe on. After In this Nike + iPod Sport Kit, the combination of wireless sensor and receiver, wearing sneakers with Nike launched Nike +, and can be displayed on the relevant iPodnano step movement speed, pace and other data. This design can track people exercise information for each run, and will run through website linking fans around the world, in order to establish a large social network. This reporter has learned, the cheap jordans online next step, Nike hopes the device implanted in basketball shoes in order to build a much larger social system. Nike is good at innovation, inspiration Nike + iPod was re-ignited. You can imagine, a huge social system will bring Nike is rolling inspiration and financial resources. Nike adverse economic growth "Nike up in a year's China marketing costs one billion yuan, we are unthinkable." Recently, a domestic sports brand spokesman told reporters revealed the figures, revealing significant words between the feeling of envy. Nike moment, sitting on the world's first sports brand in the world. Nike recently released 2008 annual results, despite the global hit by the financial crisis, but the company's performance did not decline, annual revenues of $ 18.627 billion, in 2004 to 2008, the average annual compounded growth rate of 12% Summary Nike's success, he was not early kappa and lotto, Reebok, as with the passage of time and new brands Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping to enter gradually into old age. Persistent innovation is widely regarded as a major factor of Nike's success. Today, Nike, Coca-Cola and General Motors in the walk, and many companies have tried new ways --- online social networking system, and by extension, many new markets. As a representative of an alternative marketing network this combination approach is not a new thing, but let the international giants have seen a new growth point. After two years of development, Nike's online social network industry began to come to the forefront. rooted in the United States with the multinational companies, Nike's performance in 2008 with General Motors, Motorola, a big difference compared to this point in the secondary market also has performance. In the stock market the past five years the S & P index rose 45%, while Nike shares rose 144%, good performance for investors. Despite the global financial crisis hit, Nike's performance did not de Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping cline. In contrast, for Nike, in 2008 or even it can be regarded as a good year. Notice that Nike will enter 2009 committed to its brand influence, and focus on six key areas, including: running, basketball, football, men's training, women's training and sportswear, whereby different types of preferences and consumption by establishing a closer relationship. source of growth: innovation capability "Although Nike has several decades of history, but Nike still is a passionate and growing company." Nike Director Long Philip? Knight for his company's ability to innovate still affirmed. He said Nike's goal is to achieve revenue of $ 23 billion in 2011. compared to the same asset light operating Adidas, Nike fashion because of its sensitive sense of smell, and successful beyond the former, and boarded the throne of the king of global sports brand. "provide the best shoes for every athlete." Adidas has finally been tripped own ideals. In t cheap jordans for sale he increasingly popular sport of the era, the movement of civilians, civilian sportswear trend quietly spread. Nike keen to seize this change, and change the direction of research and development, production more suitable for ordinary people to wear shoes, and finally in the late 1970s ultra-rush Adidas. and Adidas also made the same mistake of the old European sports brand Kappa, Lotto and Diadora and so on. Too much attention to the professional sports market, so that they appear physically very weak in the face of a rising star of Nike. After the acquisition of domestic companies in China trends and reposition sports fashion line, Kappa tenaciously to burst out of a second spring, and quickly became a high-profile, high-margin money machine. "Fortune" magazine senior researcher Gary? Hamel said power enterprise innovation comes from innovative ideas, innovative corporate philosophy, that is, changing the competitive industry in the Retro jordans for sale existing core capabilities, and create The new industry capacity. when entering China, Nike has set an innovator of image. But in the eyes of ordinary Chinese consumers, especially in the eyes of consumers while focusing on sports and fashion elements, to buy a pair of Nike shoes, or a pair of Adidas shoes, they do not make a judgment from the innovative gene. That is based on the corporate philosophy of innovation is reflected in the product, Nike in China did not complete, did not synchronize with the international. This situation is expected to be improved, "the company's future will increase the development of emerging markets, especially China market pie there is a great space to develop." Philip? Knight at the end of last year report reveals great enthusiasm for the Chinese market.false to choose the hottest season CONVERSE shoes, 1970S, CHUCK, TAYLOR, ALL, STAR must be among the best. The design is from 70s to set for inspiratio Cheap air jordans for sale n, to retain the characteristics of short and slender white toe shoes, shoes side position is added on both sides of the selvage reinforcing suture, heel position of the classical black chapter, and also strengthen the insole thickness, greatly enhance the comfort, perfect CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR will be the original show. 1970S CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR in the past has launched a variety of plain, quilts and so on, and now back to try to make up for knitted fabric. See, this new work is thought to be the Italy high fashion brand MISSONI produced, only because of material, details, hand is also the top choice. Vamp irregular out of wool, the rainbow shoes dazzling eye-catching, but also inherited the tongue and toe shoes in 70s engraved leather for embellishment, even round lace design also changed from all kinds of leather, the details of the design can deeply appreciate the unique beauty of retro shoes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended readin cheap jordan shoes for men g -- -- -- -- -- -- How did succeed in becoming an AJgirl? , the season for sweaters is here, and the people in Europe and America are demonstrating human beings are the low end of the food chain! People eat movies tell you: in fact, you are very small, 1626 Baba benefits / do you dare?! Air Jordan 13 free to send editorial office file, /11 editorial office, shoe website collection list, - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Slam Dunk! 580 play it up! 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Tide brand is the tide brand, how the packing is drunk, was extremely tall, two cooperative Cleaning Kit inspiration comes from Diamond Co. and Supply from Nike SB Nike SB Dunk cooperation;; Diamond shoes, the first is to follow suit shoes box appearance, which contains a fight Jason Markk cleaning liquid and a printed version of the conventional Logo cooperation brush; and another suit is more interesting, with GoodWoodNYC special diamond type packing box, which also contains a bottle of Jason Markk cleaning fluid more than two more to follow to create special diamond cheap jordans for sale mens type shoe brush, a piece marked cooperative identification wipes and fast cleaning convenience, but the qualification package more advertised a small circulation, the world's only 200, first come first served, interested friends quickly? -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- for so many years, coke has been white drink! Cola and so many uses, you know? indigo covenant! 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Instapump Fury Highs and Lows x Reebok Instapump hit Fury 20th anniversary joint commemorative shoes series second PUMA "Mesh Evolution" comments on A: Instapump Fury Highs and Lows x Reebok Instapump hit Fury 20th anniversary joint commemorative shoes a series of second bomb PUMA Mesh Evolution"With its exceptional comfort and stability, Nike Zoom KD II (2) is becoming the most trusted choice for many NBA players in the . To this end, NIKE grand launch of the Oklahoma thunder color match of the two Guinness made, but also for their first trip to the NBA playoffs journey more colorful. Among them, the first two black uppers, with orange blue dotted contrast for; while the second pair is relatively simple, plain, white shoe, with orange and blue lining. Unfortunately, the new product is not publicly available, and we only have a delicious meal through the exclusive exposure of the following NBA warfare shoes wang. Source: Battle shoes Wang NBA hot war shoes; Nike Zoom KD II; no fly line version; new color; Nike Air Max; NFW Hyperize comments on last article: NBA hot war shoes Nike Zoom KD II next article: no fly line version, new color Nike Air Max Hyperize NFWPhil Knight (PHILKNIGHT) Nike will become the best brand sports equipment are shocked the world 10 entrepreneurs in Nike shoes founder Phil Knight topped the list. Phil Knight (PHILKNIGHT) Nike will become the best brand sports equipment are also in Standford business school, founded on the development of the knight shoe company business plan. A few years later, he Phil Knight (PHILKNIGHT) Nike will become the best brand sports equipment are shocked the world 10 entrepreneurs in Nike shoes founder Phil Knight topped the list. Phil Knight (PHILKNIGHT) Nike will become the fashion elite sports equipment brand also Standford business school, founded on the development of the knight shoe company business plan. A few years later, he and a partner started developing their shoes. With the signature of sports stars, coupled with the ongoing innovations in the appearance and performance of sports shoes, Nike quickly became the industry's top brand. 2004 Knight resigned from the CEO position, but continue to remain president. What's his latest plan? The answer is a film studio, and the upcoming release of its first full-length children's films. (editor in chief: admin)Every NBA star has his home, there is always a place in the star back, give him unconditional support, even star basketball literacy or are from the beginning of the Enlightenment had grown up, Englewood Rose grew up in the southern area of Chicago, there are all kinds of the threat and the temptation for the growth of young people, but the Rose family and friends and neighbors to help him survive it all can have today the wind rose, including the newly launched D Rose Englewood IV, this series to remind Rose with other people who love basketball, even a street stadium, seize the opportunity to have the opportunity to become hard next let hometown proud for you! 1.jpg (71.05 KB, download number: 0) download adidas D Rose Englewood IV 2015-8-11 09:06 upload 2.jpg (65.03 KB, download number: 0) download adidas D Rose Englewood IV 2015-8-11 09:06 upload 3.jpg (78.58 KB, download number: 0) download adidas D Rose Englewood IV 2015-8-11 09:06 upload 4.jpg (68.11 KB, download number: 0) download adidas D Rose Englewood IV 2015-8-11 09:06 upload 5.jpg (106.06 KB, download number: 0) download adidas D Rose0