Air Force 1 High has been leading the way with its classic retro styling, and this time Nike Sportswear has launched a whole new design for it. This high-quality selection of white leather making shoes, complemented by a symphony of Swoosh decorative body of the shoe heel and tongue and flank, and also to design the same shoe buckle shoes become eye-catching embellishment, love friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 806403-100 nike-air-force-1-high-lv8-iridescent.jpg (67.56 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Force 1 High LV8 Iridescent 2016-3-22 upload at 11:43 nike-air-force-1-high-lv8-iridescent-3.jpg (60.96 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Force 1 High LV8 Iridescent 2016-3-22 upload at 11:43 nike-air-force-1-high-lv8-iridescent-4.jpg (77.95 KB, download times: 1) download atta cheap jordans online chment Nike Air Force 1 High LV8 Iridescent 2016-3-22 upload at 11:43 nike-air-force-1-high-lv8-iridescent-1.jpg (58.04 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Force 1 High LV8 Iridescent 2016-3-22 upload at 11:43 nike-air-force-1-high-lv8-iridescent-2.jpg (61.7 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Force 1 High LV8 Iridescent 2016-3-22 upload at 11:43Red has a special meaning for China. It represents a thriving, prosperous and auspicious festival. It is the cultural totem and spiritual conversion of our Chinese people. The day before, Nike's popular Sock Dart shoes released a pure red design, the overall design is very stunning, and summer is complementary. nike-sock-dart-triple-red-4.jpg (124.88 KB, download times: 17) download attachment Nike Sock Dart pure red color matching Upload 09:25 2017- Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 4-25 nike-sock-dart-triple-red-3.jpg (236.6 KB, download times: 19) download attachment Nike Sock Dart pure red color matching Upload 09:25 2017-4-25 nike-sock-dart-triple-red-5.jpg (104.31 KB, download times: 13) download attachment Nike Sock Dart pure red color matching Upload 09:25 2017-4-25 nike-sock-dart-triple-red.jpg (115.33 KB, download times: 15) download attachment Nike Sock Dart pure red color matching Upload 09:25 2017-4-25 nike-sock-dart-triple-red-2.jpg (111.77 KB, download times: 13) download attachment Nike Sock Dart pure red color matching Upload 09:25 2017-4-25 nike-sock-dart-triple-red-1.jpg (115.73 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Nike Sock Dart pure red color matching 2017-4-25 09:25 upload Nike Sock Dart 00& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network November 5 hearing, Adidas rec Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ently released third-quarter financial report showed sales after two consecutive quarters of negative growth in the third quarter, a decrease of 7 percent, the highest this year The biggest drop, while Adidas Chinese market Several executives also were dug to its domestic famous sports brands. According to November 4 announced earnings, the adidas Group's third quarter sales of 2.888 billion euros, compared with 3.083 billion euros a year earlier, net of exchange rates, down 7%. Compared with the first and second quarter of this year, hitting the deepest decline. In the first quarter, adidas Group sales 2.577 billion euros, down 1.7%. Second quarter adidas Group sales of 2.457 billion euros, down 2.5%. In addition to reducing sales year on year, gross margin Adidas products also fell 3.7%, down to 45.3%, the gross margin decrease Adida cheap jordans for sale s explain the main reason is because a lot of clearance, increase in raw material costs and foreign exchange devaluation , where the devaluation of the Russian ruble is particularly evident. A sports watchers CBN reporter said that after nearly a year of experience destocking, Adidas sales decreased rather than increased still has its reasons, mainly with a large number of agents have closed stores a close relationship. In China, Belle and Daphne are Adidas's agents, but since last year, Belle closed about 50 stores Adidas, Daphne off Adidas store number 20 to 30, the number of stores of domestic dealers might shut down more than 100. After a short time a large number of stores closed, Adidas sales growth more difficult to achieve the recovery to be much larger. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the international financial crisis, compared with Retro jordans for sale the US and European markets, China and other Asian sporting goods market is one of the rare bright spot, but Adidas is not the case of the Asian market wonderful. The third quarter financial report, its mainly Asian markets in China and Japan sales fell 9 percent, a decline of 11 percent after the North American market, higher than the European market fell 8 percent of magnitude, if not the Latin American market 19% growth year on year, sales are expected Adidas whole will be more ugly. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; and wastage Adidas executives in China is also worrying, the second half of 2008, general manager of Adidas's Reebok in China jumped to a domestic sports brand became executive vice president, this year, a sales executive of Adidas in China is also switched to the company as a sales director level positions. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbs Cheap air jordans for sale p; a large part of Adidas's hope that in 2010 South Africa World Cup soccer matches and other products with Adidas's flagship product. While sales continued to decline in the third quarter, Adidas inventory levels decrease by 8% year on year, debt also fell 12 percent, Adidas CEO HerbertHainer said that despite facing unprecedented challenges, Adidas will spare no effort to overcome the difficulties and overcome difficulties. according to our province import and export inspection and quarantine department statistics, in the European Union of China shoes formally levy 16.5% anti-dumping duty of second months, from November 7th to December 7th, Wenzhou exports to the EU leather footwear products a total of 430 batches, 2 million 437 thousand and 800 double, 21 million 470 thousand and 900 dollars, compared with the same period last year d cheap foamposites ecreased by 32.71% and 37.80% respectively. 19.80%., and especially the Wenzhou shoes traditional exporting countries Germany and Britain and Denmark, France fell sharply, down the rate reached 93.55%, exports to the EU leather shoes continued to decline, but compared to the formal anti-dumping duties levied in the first month, the decline began to decrease. data show that the main market is still Wenzhou leather shoes exports to the EU, batch, quantity and amount of leather shoes export accounted for 34.18% of the total, 39.42%, 41.42%, Wenzhou shoes on the EU market dependence is still very high, Wenzhou shoe enterprises to export leather shoes exports such as Huafeng shoes, Red Dragonfly shoes battered by the anti-dumping duty, the export volume decreased significantly, at the same time, due to the decline of the EU exports, total exp cheap jordans for sale mens orts of leather shoes is also lower than the same period last year, the quantity and the amount of the decline was 19.09%, 6.44%. however, a noticeable decline in exports at the same time, the average price of Wenzhou leather shoes exports to the EU increased substantially, double rise from last year's $6.83 / $8.81 / double, an increase of up to 28.95%. export enterprises also showed to the scale of enterprises trend, exports export volume of the top ten outlet of EU the enterprises accounted for nearly 60% of total exports to the EU, only two companies AOKANG, Saina accounted for about 1/4 of total exports to the EU, the main reason is the enterprise customers in the sales network more EU sales of larger, but small and medium-sized enterprises, because the customer reasons gradually fade out the EU leather shoes market. (editor in chie Retro jordans for sale f: admin)Boost gives a near perfect shock experience destined to make this technology Adidas and its full line of shoes, the first use of Boost cushioning technology skateboard shoes ADV Boost was born. Boost's blessing will undoubtedly make reduce impact on foot Ollie, Kicks Flips and Grinds action skateboarder, while the upper mesh material and Sprintskin functional technology can fully ensure the shoes breathable and comfortable, and the tongue can be constructed with built-in TechFit feet and shoes tightly locked, shoes the overall feeling will undoubtedly make many skaters all appreciated. Finally, ADV Boost Vector Traction outsole functional technology makes shoes with superior grip force, help improve the control force on the slip of the hand on board. adidas-presents-first-boost-technology-skate-shoe-adv-boost-1.jpg (60.63 KB, dow cheap jordan shoes for men nload number: 1) download adidas ADV Boost 2015-2-10 19:14 upload adidas-presents-first-boost-technology-skate-shoe-adv-boost-2.jpg (61.36 KB, download number: 1) download adidas ADV Boost 2015-2-10 19:14 uploadBirkenstock ( blue ) brand introduction:Birkenstock ( blue ) is a world famous German brand sandals, with over 200 years of history. Brand named " Johann Adam Birkenstock ancestor ", according to the 1774 church archives, he was a small German village a shoemaker.Birkenstock ( blue ) is now a trendsetter in the eyes of the parity for shoes, but in fact it is a start to the king 's minister of specialized manufacturing shoes. Beginning in 1774, the German Birkenstock ( blue ) for the royal family is engaged in shoe making service. In 1897, Johann 's grandson Konrad Birkenstock had a seemingly ordinary but new concept: general human foot is a curve, but very strange shoes inside the cage is often flat. He thought if the shoes can be close to the foot of curves, that is how comfortable! So he developed close to the foot line insoles, and was adopted by the. In 1902, he designed the first " considerate to the plantar arch sole " ( flexible arch support ), and widely accepted for manufacturers, to join the mass production of the shoes. This has a special sole shoes success marketing the country. Beginning in 1913 with the medical cooperation, and began to use the factory mass production, and promote healthy shoes topics, by the medical community must.In 1964, Konrad 's grandson Karl Birkenstock further the " considerate the plantar arch soles " carry forward, develop the first double Birkenstock ( birkenstock sandals ). In 1973, two classic a strap sandals Arizona market, and was very popular, this makes Birkenstock ( blue ) became seventy's most fashionable brand sandals. The basic Boston launched in 1977, with cork bottom, near the heel tilt, can protect the soles of the feet, to pinch the most neutral style. In 1985, introduced Birkenstock ( blue ) shoes, in which the Montana shoes more people indulge in elaborating on, today, still affected by many fans in hot pursuit of fashion.Birkenstock ( blue ) is the most characteristic is its sole, just know this brand friends will think it 's sole is the main component of what. At first sight will think he is ordinary cork, cork material, does not know the basis weight, elasticity, firmness, decide the rating, but only the higher grade cork can be used to make wine bottle stopper. Birkenstock ( blue ) for making wine bottle stopper left over after the cork, the ground into small pieces and then mixed with natural latex, pressed into the famous cork shoe.Birkenstock ( blue ) features more than use different materials to make shoes, the shoes themselves also have a very high content of science and technology. Take the most representative slippers of speaking, using the most ergonomic technology to create the most consistent with the person wearing the shoe is uphold its hundred years of shoe-making ideas, but also with other modeling beautiful, but not as much as wearing comfortable shoes the biggest difference. Believe this point through the Birkenstock ( blue ) brand friend deep. This is the Birkenstock ( blue ) shoes with such a long history, but in the context of the world has become increasingly popular in the foundation, believe it 's friends won't mind to try to bring comfortable foot chance.