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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News] Nike brand in the World Cup approaching, but faced difficult problems. Following the revival of production after French Minister Arnaud ? Monte Istanbul team accused the French team's clothes in a foreign country rather than local production after France, Britain and now also encountered similar problems. British fans in recent days outrage in Japan, because of their national team jersey a price of up to 90 pounds (109 euros). British Sports Minister Helen? Grant also specifically mentioned this price and this big uncritical. British Prime Minister David? Cameron joined midway, publicly stated on BBC Radio, "It's too expensive. Parents to give the child to buy the latest in a suit, he had to bear enormous pressure. We should not be exploited this way." . Nike has said it all shirt this shirt is only 1% of the stock. Most of the replica replica shirts because there is no use of the most cutting-edge cooling technology, so the price will be only 60 pounds (72 euros), children's shirts and the price is 42 pounds (51 euros). In France, the French Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale team's player shirts and the same price reached 120 euros in the Nike website, engraved version of the replica jersey is priced at 85 euros. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Following the 2009 Nike closed in China only a footwear production plant - Taicang factory after another sporting goods giant Adidas is also prepared to close later this year, the only of its own factories in China . China's rapid rise in various costs, has made "Made in China" bonus advantage is no longer, more and more manufacturers began production line relocation, it is expected there will be more companies migrate to Southeast Asia and other places. Seeing the quadrennial Olympic Festival to begin soon, the sports brand giant Adidas has fallen into "sweatshops" pressure of public opinion, the media accusing it of Cambodia's garment factories located in low wages, long working hours, there are squeezing labor suspect. And in response to accusations untrue Adidas after a few days, and anno buy cheap jordans online unced plans to shut down its own factories in China, the only, cause public opinion to its efforts to increase the transfer of industry attention. Clearly, China's manufacturing costs of rising pressure, has spread more industries, even our most competitive apparel, footwear, have been retired. Since the financial crisis, there are many foreign companies choose the withdrawal of China, the factory moved to other places, or simply moved back to their home countries. Such as the US construction machinery giant Caterpillar Inc. has withdrawn its domestic excavator production projects in China. Ford Motor Company put 12,000 jobs to move back to the United States from Mexico and China. Starbucks coffee chain, but also to its manufacture ceramic cup back to the Midwest from China. Panasonic in Shanghai built a plasma panel plant will be gradually shut down this year, Panasonic will later global plasma panel production business concentrated in the Japanese domestic production. There are signs that we have the most proud of cost-competitive, then is rapidly disappearing, as the "world factory" label can wear long? A jordans on sale online didas will not be the last withdrawal of foreign companies in China, but it The economic rational choice, but a very typical sense, the loss of production cost advantage, China has made long board into a short board, also sounded the alarm with economies in transition. long-term implementation of the family planning policy resulting from the decline in population growth, means that the future workforce will be reduced, no longer likely to be an unlimited supply of "demographic dividend" has brought competitive advantage has entered a turning point. The moment is not only wage costs, land, water and electricity, raw materials, transportation and other costs are rising, and environmental pollution, tax incentives to cancel, low administrative efficiency, low productivity, poor quality of production factors have also put pressure on the manufacturing sector. According to the Commerce Department released data show that China's absorption of foreign investment has been for six months down there. foreign manufacturing companies have been withdrawing from the Chinese, a reminder that we can not rely on low-cost, lo Retro jordans for sale nger follow the old road, we must implement as soon as economic transformation, technology innovation, product innovation and focus on promoting industrial upgrading. Reform the education system to encourage the development of vocational and technical education and training of personnel for modern manufacturing industry, in order to improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, we must speed up institutional reforms to improve administrative efficiency, adhere to governance according to law, to reduce excessive market intervention to reduce the unnecessary burden on businesses. Only in this way, China's manufacturing industry in the international competition to occupy a favorable position. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Beijing time in June 12th, NBA finals will usher in a contest of four. The Cavaliers leading 2-1 warriors, if the Cavs in Game 4 win, then they will held two match points, warriors are in dire straits; but if the warriors to win, then everything will be back to square one. What are some of the things that should be focuse jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black d on before the start of the fourth crucial games? Look at the summary of ESPN: James in the finals of the first three games of the performance, with the king style. now, you may have known that James Lebron had 123 points in the first three games of the NBA Finals and set a record for the NBA's all-time high. This number is enough to make you feel admiration, but come back to see the data: the finals this series. In the knight in the array before the second highest scoring is mozgov, 39 points, three a total of 39 points. 1-2 behind, 4 Warriors must win, otherwise it will put a corner of their own. The Warriors must win the game 2., otherwise it will fall into despair. The warriors 1-2 behind Cleveland, the warriors striker Raymond de Green said the team needs to work hard he is to fling caution to the winds, the. Also worth mentioning is that the warriors in this season has not yet tried losing streak. in NBA history, from no team can achieve comeback in the finals 1-3 down. There are 32 teams played in the finals in 1-3 behind, only 2 teams can drag to grab seven, most recently in 1966. clay Thompson in yest cheap foamposites erday's game said: "if we find the sense of attack (and we will find), then we will won the series." The finals with high strength and intense confrontation, can also lead to more injury problems. 3. injury problems will ensue. Cavaliers dellavedova and shampoo special in the third battle are subject to varying degrees of injuries, the former to finish the game, severe cramping and dehydration to hospital for treatment, the left shoulder of old patients hurt again. The Cavaliers coach Blatter said, both of which can be 4 in midfield, but will limit Delaweiduowa minutes. Della Vedova responded: "no, the coach you won't.." and the warriors coach Cole also said, D. Green has not yet returned to 100%, and now has no time to let him rest: "Green suffered back spasms, but he can play tomorrow." in the finals, the knights were not good, especially after the first World War Erwin was injured, but now they proved their strength. The knight of the 4. from the championship contender to become "weak". before the start of the NBA Finals, ESPN BPI (basketball strength index) to the warriors out of the winning probability is jordan 3 katrina 2018 72%, when the warriors made when first win, win rate rose to 81%. When the Cavaliers tie the series, warriors still favored to win.The new Saucony store debut in Shanghai Zhongshan Park and a total record run shanghai! 2015-12-22 16:39:28 In December 2015, the world's top professional running brand Saucony Shengkangni once again surprise runners! Saucony new independent stores officially stationed in Zhongshan Park in Shanghai to provide a richer variety of cloud nine, and more comprehensive function of running a single product as China runner, also in the history of hundred years brand shoes, and a step forward! Saucony Find Your Strong! Shanghai Zhongshan Park is a bustling commercial landmark in Changning District Shanghai, the new Saucony store is located in Shanghai five floors, 105 square meters of space is a brand of modern and simple design aesthetics, the iconic black and white color throughout the store, and the ceiling of the giant LOGO Saucony's latest quarterly fashion posters, the continuation of the Saucony store in the world simple and capable the style reflects the brand focus on running hun jordans on sale mens dred years of history and spirit, philosophy and active movement: CONNECTED TO THE RUN ! Saucony Shanghai's Zhongshan Park dragon dream covers more than 100 kinds of running a single product. Here, repeat running shoes fans can find the most popular retro leisure running shoes, runners will experience the forefront of this season of professional running shoes technology, more variety of light, high functional sports clothing for your choice. Brand will not regularly launch Saucony unique limited amount and joint funds, for runners in time to provide the latest style and perfect service. 15 winter and Autumn "SEEKER chaser series", science and technology comprehensive upgrade! 15 autumn and winter, Saucony continued brand spirit "FIND YOUR STRONG" (found your strongest), launched "SEEKER chaser series", to upgrade the shock and wearable technology, along with people chasing the goal of advancing, discover the unlimited potential of self. In the Zhongshan Park Saucony store in Shanghai, all of the flagship series of science and technology professional are displayed in the latest "magnetic levitation display she air jordan 11 space jam for sale lf", so that people more intuitive 360 watch the forefront of Saucony technology. For different runners, stores also close to establish a foot type test area, objective analysis of the runner's physical condition and running needs, in order to help each runner choose the most suitable running shoes. new KINVARA 6 and Ride 8 are all advanced editions of evergreen, and won the prizes of running sports magazine "runner world", "editor selection Award" and other awards. KINVARA 6 is lighter and faster than the 5 generation, equipped with a new open mesh upper, which strengthens the running space and time in shoesIf there is no Scottie Pippen to support Michael Jordan, I am afraid it is difficult to write his legendary journey, has become a lot of shoes many dreams with large AIR leather boots starting point putting rule of NBA in 90s. Recently, Nike Basketball officially released the new engraved classic boots Air More Uptempo, and in the first year of the black and white color that belongs to take us back to the bulls dynasty. release date: April 21st nike-air-more-uptempo-pippen-2016.jpg (78.14 KB, download t cheap air jordans imes: 9) download attachment Nike Air More Uptempo OG release notice Upload 08:57 2016-1-29 nike-air-more-uptempo-pippen-2016-1.jpg (32.81 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Nike Air More Uptempo OG release notice Upload 08:57 2016-1-29 nike-air-more-uptempo-pippen-2016-3.jpg (56.97 KB, download times: 11) download attachment Nike Air More Uptempo OG release notice Upload 08:57 2016-1-29 nike-air-more-uptempo-pippen-2016-5.jpg (51.89 KB, download times: 8) download attachment Nike Air More Uptempo OG release notice Upload 08:57 2016-1-29 nike-air-more-uptempo-pippen-2016-2.jpg (27.31 KB, download times: 16) download attachment Nike Air More Uptempo OG release notice Upload 08:57 2016-1-29 nike-air-mo〉Disney Disneyland is the cradle of fairy tales in the world, and Instapump Fury, jointly launched by Reebok, is naturally full of dreamlike colors. The debut of the Cinderella version in addition to the continuation of the classic shape design, patent leather shoes on metal studded with SWAROVSKI rhinestones, and Pump by 11:55 this is also the implication of Cinderella's glass shoes. Unfortunately, this paragraph will not be sold abroad, and if you want to start, it may be a lot of trouble. 20150612-reebok-pump-fury-cinderella-2930-1280x850.jpg (135.58 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Disney Reebok, Instapump, Fury, Cinderella 2015-6-14 upload at 14:09 20150612-reebok-pump-fury-cinderella-2993.jpg (406.22 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Disney Reebok, Instapump, Fury, Cinderella 2015-6-14 upload at 14:10 20150612-reebok-pump-fury-cinderella-2972-1280x850.jpg (192.91 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Disney Reebok, Instapump, Fury, Cinderella 2015-6-14 upload at 14:09 20150612-reebok-pump-fury-cinderella-2938-1280x850.jpg (89.1 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Disney Reebok, Instapump, Fury, Cinderella 2015-6-14 upload at 14:09 20150612-reebok-pump-fury-cinderella-2943-1280x850〉good things must be paired... After the first wave of the Jordan Eclipse "Hare" hit, Jordan Brand recently brought us the Hare second wave colors. with red green white tongue vamp collocation, into the outer bottom, Hare image contrast. Is inspired by carrot? It is reported that this model will be landed at the domestic counter. Jordan Eclipse number: 724010-607As the new season James Huangxin Boots - Nike LeBron 13, not a new color a little bit sloppy! then exposed four new color, each has its own characteristics, printing, ink, carbon plate and the lines have really made a feast for the eyes! will be officially on sale in August 30th; Air Jordan 6 "Sport Blue" everybody is not wait, this offer two HD Photo for everyone to snack. Item: 384664-107 release date: August 30th Does remember the Nike Zoom Rookie LWP's first exposure color? Not wrong, is a yellow / black version, that is the only time we see this color. But now we have to see this never commercially available and extremely rare samples exposed to once again, this is yellow / black Nike sample only Zoom Rookie LWP made of. Besides the attractive color of shoes, the biggest highlight of the whole pair of shoes is that the middle part of the big bottom was originally made of carbon plate, replaced with metal material with high quality and Penny logo of laser. If you like too, pray that Nike will decide to sell it commercially. Release plan. 2012-9-1 09:57 upload and download attachments (75.9 KB) 2012-9-1 09:57 upload download attachment (83.34, KB) 2012-9-1 09:57 upload download attachment (75.87, KB) 2012-9-1 09:57 upload download attachment (77.41, KB) 2012-9-1 09:57 upload download attachment (63.32, KB) 2012-9-1 09:57 upload download attachment (117.64, KB) 'Viotech' color early in 2013 will dunk sb low binding, but its first on sb series above, have can date back to 2001; shoes overall color quite fancy, the orange blue purple color layout vamp, overwhelmed with only child models size engraved, I believe it can obtain not little popularity; officially on sale June 26, No. 802344-500. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!