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  • Great Ocean Road: In a Day? In a Group? Grab it with Both Hands

    Great Ocean Road: In a Day? In a Group? Grab it with Both Hands

    Get romantic, experience the thrill and feel euphoric – a guided Great Ocean Road Day Tour brings out all correct emotions. It is like borrowing a day from the normal routine of living in or around Melbourne and making it fully action-packed. Things get even better when the fellow group members are from your own land; speak your language and share the same cultural values.

    Aussizz Travels turns this fascinating idea into reality through its latest tour package. 

    Introducing the Exhilarating Stretch

    Running parallel to the coast which accommodates nature’s special limestone crafts, scenic and surf-friendly beaches and some amazing manmade landmarks, the 243 miles long Great Ocean Road reveals splendour throughout. Superb trysts at the charming coastal villages, with iconic wildlife and while passing through the rainforests some millions years old are among the highlights. Though, the marvellous sojourn is better traversed than expressed in words.

    Why Choose a Guided Group Tour?

    For independent travellers, one day falls short to justify the contentment the Great Ocean Road is known to offer. Resultantly, you may either get deprived of getting close to the best attractions or fail to indulge in some unforgettable experiences. A guided tour gives the advantages of carefully planned itinerary, the company of a knowledgeable guide and precise time management to touch every exciting avenue during the tour. 

    Addressing the Top Concerns

    Bus Ride: It might appear uncomfortable and intimidating if you have never taken a group tour earlier. Aussizz Travels use the best-in-class vehicles with comfort, necessary luxury and some surprising extras to let every group member enjoy the most exhilarating time of life.

    Company of Strangers: Not exactly strangers! The tour operator intelligently clubs travellers with similar ethnicity together. Not only the effort weeds out the awkwardness, it also creates the opportunity to build lifelong relationships.

    Unfriendly Staff: The travel company takes its clients by surprise by providing drivers and guides communicating in their own language. Add to it their knowledge and experience which reveals the most invigorating secrets of the tour.

    Tour Cost: Genuine and within your planned budget! The company operates many tour packages in and around Victoria and maintains the policy to keep the costs affordable for all.

    Aussizz Travels recently received rave reviews for organizing a day tour of Great Ocean Road for the travellers of the Indian subcontinent origin living in Melbourne. Many of them took out time to provide positive feedback on the company’s official website.

    Making the Right Preparations

    Start by getting an overview of the itinerary from the company’s tour planning expert. You might come across attractions that you had been missing even after repeated visits along the stretch. Enquire about your guide, fellow members, on-the-way food and refreshments and things that you must carry. Fix the schedule and wait for the exciting day to arrive.

    Very rare does the life promise such golden opportunities and expeditions. From savouring the coastal sceneries to admiring the incredible 12 Apostles limestone structures and from discovering the treasure of million years old floral wealth to spending time with koalas, all this and more in one single day. Don’t let it go!

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